Easiroll roll-on fibreglass roofing offers many outstanding features, one of the best known is its unique size, coming in gigantic continuous rolls of up to 4.0m high x 30.m across and can be cut to suit pergola size. Easiroll is cut to your requirements, eliminating the need for joins or dirt collecting overlaps, with no wastage. Installation is easy – just roll out and screw in place, or talk to us about our installation service. Easiroll is suitable for all types of buildings and applications.

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We can supply Easiroll for DIY jobs – Simply just roll, square up and screw in place!.

  • No dirty joins or overlays
  • Weather-proof
  • Rot proof
  • Filter out harmful UV rays
  • Resistant to most household chemicals
  • Will not break with hailstones less than 20mm diameter
  • Light and inexpensive
  • Corrugated sheet
  • Cut to size

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CLEAR –  allowing 87% transmission of light.
WHITE OPAL – allowing 57% transmission of light, at the same time filtering out harmful UV rays.

6 sizes from 1.5m to 4m run
Up to 30 metres cover

PDF file (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

easiroll_acc_tapeSelf drilling screws with PVC dome washers
Used with Polycarbonate to reduce noise of expansion and contraction when Polycarbonate is screwed to purlins.
Available in packs of 50.
Used in a battery drill to drive the self drilling screws.


Used to connect the roof to the wall of the house or to the barge to make a water-proof seal and to hold the end of the roof securely in place. The same channel as used in Easiflash, but without the infill strips.

Fitted on to the end beams to protect the ends of the roll and match up to the Easibarge.

Clear Polycarbonate Barge and Apron Flashings are also available on request.


How many screws will I need ?
Allow 6 screws per metre of purlin and go up to nearest the 50 (50 screws per bag)

At what intervals should the screws be placed on the roof?
Every second corrugation on the top and bottom purlins and third corrugation on all other purlins.

What spacing should the purlins be at?
In high wind areas drop purlin spacing to 700mm and rafter spacing to 1000mm.

Should I drill an over size hole for the screw?
As Easiroll has very little movement, it is not necessary to oversize the hole. Easiroll screws will drill themselves. Polycarbonate sheets need oversize holes.

Which side is up on Easiroll?
Just roll out as it comes, do not turn over against the natural roll.

How should I connect my roof onto the house to make it waterproof?
We supply Easiflash as one option or flashings with soft edges.

How will I finish the ends of my roof?
We supply Easibarge, polycarbonate barges or galvanised barges.

From ordering, how long does it take to get my roof?
For most destinations in the North Island it is overnight, and 2 to 3 days for the South Island.